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BIT CREATIVE design studio specializes

in interior planning, design and project supervision

to corporate clients.


BIT CREATIVE is a team of professional architects and designers who have many years of experience in arranging office spaces.

We offer full-service interior planning and design to corporate clients. We realize projects starting from the analysis of the company's needs through the arrangement design, detailed designs, construction designs, providing architectural supervision throughout the whole construction phase, until the end of the project. 


Our goal is to create environment that will be identified with the company, that will inspire and motivate employees to achieve better professional results and more efficiency. By responding to the needs of the client company we strive to create an optimal working environment that will suit current and future needs. We do our best to ensure that the space we design is functional, comfortable, flexible, aesthetically pleasing, but also reflects the unique visual identity of the client. Our mission is to arrange a space that corresponds with the specific work climate of the company.


We always try our best to understand the needs and expectation of our Clients. The services we offer are tailored to each client’s individual needs and bussines profile. We care about the highest standards of architectural work. We are committed to every task at every stage of the design proces. The projects developed by us, regardless of the degree of difficulty, are realized professionally and comprehensively.


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